**APPRECIATION POST** August 10th - Bootcamp & Mindfulness w/Commando Steve Willis.

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

It was our very first LIVE major event, what better way to inspire and empower the people of Sydney (all across) than to have Commando Steve host a Bootcamp and Mindfulness session.

The event was a HUGE success for us, but more importantly, an amazing opportunity for the people who had attended, to not only meet Steve in person, but to hear from him, his approach in life, tips on health and fitness and how the mind plays on EVERYTHING you do, it was truly an honor to have him at BLACKTOWN!

We are looking forward to hosting more events all around Western Sydney across various topics and subjects, with the goal in mind to uplift, re-energize the people and align their goals and dreams with their passion!!

S H O U T O U T S:

#commandosteve IG: @commandosteve (without you there, this would truly not be possible - thank you for being you and showing the people of Blacktown what AUTHENTIC people can do for one another - we are blessed to have you in our network)

#groundskeepercafe @groundskeepercafe (Sam and the team, you guys provided awesome food, drinks and service, going above and beyond - thank you Sam for everything).

#joshkattic @joshkattic (Josh! your never ending energy and constant vibrant personality is a gift, keep on smashing it!!)

#jtdfitness @jtd.fitness (Thank you Johnny for all your networking, advertising and motivating people to come along to the event, it's a blessing to have you in our circle)

#dmif_ @dmif_ - Thank you for all the support and love and I know you couldn't make it on the day as you weren't 100%, but know that you're a valued member in our network, much love back to you Dani!

#csabado @csabado - Our main video/photo Go-To, thank you so much for everything and your amazing skills and relentless efforts, always makes things look so FLAWLESS. The best is yet to come and so many more events ahead!!

#raljk_ @raljk_ - Thank you so much for your skills in video/photo and overall creative. Your fine skills are certainly one of the best I've seen and having you and Christian work on the day was a blessing!!!

#joyadanwrites @joyadanwrites - Our Media/Writer/Editor connect, thank you for helping stir the S-O-S ship to where we are now, you are a valued asset in our circle and we will not be here if it weren't for your guidance and feedback along the way - thank you!

#yeykss @yeykss - A MASSIVE thanks to you Gel for your on the spot assistance in being our MAIN photographer, without you, these photos would not have turned out the way they did.