Finding your purpose!

Throughout my experience in consistently working for over 20+ years, there's one thing that truly stands out whenever I think of my future, that is, what is my PURPOSE?

So let's explore this a little more...

It's often the traditional route of an 'expected' journey you have to follow isn't it, you go to school, graduate, go to University, get your "degree" (possibly the course your parents wanted for you), you graduate again...then you enter the job market, find a "job" (possibly in line with your Uni degree), and either love it or leave it....throughout this whole process, you've either gathered alot of experience to truly develop yourself personally and professionally or you've simply wasted your time and have let other opportunities slip...

In my opinion, if you haven't explored what is your purpose, you've definitely learned alot in wasting money, time and missed out on earlier opportunities. It's so relevant and important that whatever you're doing right now, leads to a "purpose", identifying what that really is as early in your life as possible, is crucial to the lead up in the choices you make, studying, working etc.

So for now....take a deep pressure...just be calm, reflect, meditate and ask your....What is my purpose?

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