Goals - 2020

How are you currently tracking with your 2020 goals?

1) Have you hit another roadblock in your career goals?

2) Are you upset because you haven't lost the 5 kgs you promised at the beginning of the year?

3) Savings? Did you commit and were you disciplined?

4) Have you taken accountability for your actions?

For a long time I have followed Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk (Vee for short). Circa around October 2019, I made a commitment to stop following GV, purely for personal reasons and it actually was a good thing!!....

In my opinion it's okay to cleanse, it's okay to make mistakes, it's okay to remove yourself away from the situation at times, and as Gary says in his own words, "I love failing, because I'm winning".....

Whilst he's not everyone's cup of tea, I can assure you, to answer and guide you with some of the questions above, he can certainly align you to get your a## back on track, or atleast give you the wake up call you need. I will always be grateful for GV and will always learn from him and refer him to clients, friends, family and business connections.

Always be grateful for where we are, even though due to Covid-19, everything seems so dark and negative, use this as fuel to motivate your passion, move you in the right direction or at the very least, remove yourself from being 'comfortable' and restart your 2020 again....."it's okay, we got time" - Gary Vee