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Most of us work 9-5, Monday to Friday, overtime, 35/40/50 hours per week, multiple jobs.....and for those who don't work, stay at home parent/s, carers ...... our hustle, some say may be different, BUT it's actually quite similar....PONDER on this!

We all have a place to go...We are all accountable...We all have goals (trust me....actually think about this...we actually all do)...We are all waking up roughly at the same time to start our hustle/journey for the day...We have all experienced some form of hardship, challenge, being broke, nothing to something...We have all committed (or tried) to something; the gym, our kids, our parents, our work/boss, filling up petrol!!, shopping, eating better, quitting smoking, drinking, drugs....

I truly believe that through our everyday hustle, the challenges we face, the obstacles we run into, the people we meet and inspire or the people that motivate and inspire us, we will (eventually) find our purpose, what we are passionate about and the true reason (and meaning) of our existence...!

**Photo taken with our tour guide @LA HOOD TOUR, going through the streets of Compton/Crenshaw/South Central LA**

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