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S.O.S - Basketball weekly bubble!

We are constantly inspired by the community of Western Sydney and Sydney in general. Having busy lives, working in various types of jobs, whether it's 10+ hours in construction, a full time father, single parent, working as a truck driver, working in an office, hospitality, medical field, front line workers, full time student and on the dole etc....we still make an effort to come together...!

Every Friday, we are blessed to continue to play the game we love in Basketball and it's all thanks to the guys @Thehustle.society for letting us book this space for friends to gather together. Visit them here, located in Unit 4, 4 Purdy Street, Minchinbury.

"Whether you wear a Suit or a Shirt, we all have a story to share"

- Stay Blessed, Stay Humble.

Watch our scrimmage and "DAME DOLLA" challenge, New Champion???

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