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Updated: Jul 14, 2019

On Fridays, what do you really want to get out of it? A quick 5-7 hour day, then hit the beers, hit the town to party, go clubbing or content with going back home, rest up, glass of wine and unwind, whatever it is (in moderation), this is all well and good. Whatever it is that takes your mind away from the rat race, that’s logical, legal, ethical and reasonable – sure.

My only question for you all is… you feel that you are giving your optimum value of yourself to those around you, especially on a Friday (before the weekend)? What do I mean by this… my experience, I see a lack luster effort in the part of both men and women, I’ve seen that complacency can either bore you or ultimately make you lazy, this impacts those people around you. The impression you give to others is vital, if you’re not inspiring anyone or being positive, it’s probably causing the opposite effect. It’s simple, if you’re negative in situations, those around will have this impression of you, but also, in effect, they too may feel doubt and be in-effective. But, if you continue to be positive, and always finding out solutions to resolve , this can certainly make a huge impact in someones day.

Try this…..have a quick stroll to your nearest cafe or local store, try to have a random discussion with someone about Friday, work, weather, coffee, kids, dogs etc.  The main goal here is, how do you instill an effective approach on whatever topic that is being discussed, would you agree with someone who is constantly  negative or just can’t wait for the day/week to be over and just wants to party and drink for the weekends….Or…is it an opportunity to understand the circumstances and really put yourself in their shoe to find out how you could inspire this person. “I am really looking forward to the weekend, I have so many goals/plans I want to achieve, like your standard chores, but also, I had been wanting to start my own herb garden, but always keep putting off, so this is the weekend that I will accomplish this” It’s obviously a unique example, but an example nonetheless…..

Try it out and see how your conversation flows, I strongly encourage people to strive to inspire and not to de-motivate, it’s really contagious, you just don’t see the true impacts of this..



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