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Side hustle / Main hustle

It's been said before, love what you're doing or follow your passion. Others say, be happy and work hard to save for a family or house etc.

I truly believe, however you've grown up, whatever learnings you have encountered, it's all relative. There is probably no right or wrong, but there can certainly be ways to improve (work smarter not harder etc).

Would you work for a company for a good portion of your life and only be able to enjoy it when you're 65+ (this is the mediocre/typical mindset we've been accustomed to). Or, would you spend all the extra time you have to come up with an idea, a project, a movement, a product, an app and in 5-10 years, truly see the fruits of your labor? This can come earlier than expected and from what I've seen, people who have that hustle, that drive, that motivation, despite grinding a 9-5, they have a bright a rewarding future ahead!

Let's connect on this topic and discuss what are your interests are and potentially help you find your true calling!

Don't let the noise around you distract you from your goals!!

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