Hard work pays off

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Right now....it's around 4:30am as I start this quick blog, daylight savings giving us an extra 1 hour to sleep in.

For the past the month or so, trying to settle in moving in to a new place, settling in at work (after my rookie year), LIFE is truly a blessing.

I'm sure all of us have alot on our plate, juggling work, life, business, family, heck, even scrambling for "Me Time", but when you pause, stop and think and count the simple things in your life....we REALLY have it pretty GOOD.

Whether it's as simple as being able to have a roof over your head, food to eat, family and friends to talk to etc, NEVER ever forget how SIMPLE life is (and should always be).

This photo is a dedication to one of the greatest Athletes who ever lived, a true example of work ethic, hard work and acknowledging that life is truly a blessing....the reality that one day it can all be taken away from us.... we salute you 8/24 (click photo for Kobe's farewell game).

~ suitsorshirts