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A personal mission

Despite having a lot of friends and a growing network during my high school years and well into adulthood, I often felt very alone. I felt deprived of having someone to open up and share my personal experiences. I’ve been bullied, I’ve been teased, I’ve been lied to, I’ve experienced broken relationships with my family, friends and in my professional network. I developed anxiety, I gained weight, I’ve been teased for my looks, judged for my looks, making me feel useless, lonely and irrelevant to society.

I went through a lot of mental, physical and spiritual challenges, but despite feeing alone in that journey I was certain someone else in this world was going through something similar. I knew people were going through much worse, but had no support or comfort around them.

I started opening up and being honest with friends and family about my personal experiences, and I found that those connections and their (unexpected!) support enabled me to offer more in my personal and professional relationships. The more I shared, the more I was able to find and help others going through similar challenges, and I found healing and a sense of rejuvenation when I started helping others make a change in their own lives.

My vow is to help anyone I can from any walk of life. To never give up and to focus on a positive and honest mindset. I never want to find myself — or anyone around me — in a position of isolation where they feel so hopeless and disconnected from any sense of hope. So I’m committed to do whatever it takes to make a difference in my community. To apply hope, to believe and trust, to show love and respect along this journey.

I will continue this work everyday and will never stop this vision and mission!

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