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When on the road, bring a Camera!!!

When you're travelling interstate or overseas, be it for work or rnr, always make sure you take full advantage of the experience and bring a Go-Pro with you or definitely make sure you have your mobile/camera handy at all times.

We are constantly surrounded by talent and all new things to experience, every day. Some ordinary people turn out to have extraordinary talents and gifts. By you capturing this content and sharing it with others, you are helping people truly realise their potential!

Below here is an example of cruising down in New York on the Brooklyn Bridge (on a tour bus), we met some amazing people along the way, from talented individual street performers (you gotta check out the guys in Central Park - underneath the bridge, soul music at it's best!) right to committed tour hosts, bus operators, Uber/Lyft drivers and every one in between.  The hustle, the skills, the talent - it's everywhere!!! Watch this space, we will be including more stories and sharings!

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