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"Whether you wear a Suit or a Shirt, we all have a story to share"



Suits or Shirts is run by a small team of volunteers, freelancers who create the content, edit submissions, run our social media channels, and coordinate community events online and live in-person.

We appreciate every little bit of help to keep this community resource going, so here are some really simple ways you can do your bit:

  1. Join the SoS family

  2. Share the blog posts and pages that you have enjoyed with your friends and family - help us build our community! 

  3. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Linktree- we want to hear from you.

  4. And, if you've found the stuff here valuable, shout us to a virtual coffee or take us out to a virtual lunch.


Suits or Shirts (SoS) is a resource and global community platform who run events (in-person & online) for people to connect authentically, share our stories/journey in a safe space and inspire one another to be the best person they were born to be!  Sharing our experiences requires courage and honesty and we want to create an environment that respects and encourages openness.  We are only one connection away from potentially changing the course of our lives.


How easy is it to just go through the ins and outs of life, getting up, going to work, working out, hanging out, staying up, then going to bed just to repeat the same thing the next day? Do you ever stop to think what power you have to help the people in your life?

Even though we have so many devices and apps that can connect us to people across the world, people are feeling more disconnected and alone than ever before. Has our sense of community disappeared?  

The team behind Suits or Shirts wants everyone to break out of self-absorbed, self-obsessed complacency and instead use the strength of online and social media to share the stories that inspire, empower and connect people with each other.

It doesn't matter what suburb you grew up in, what industry you work in, how much money you have, if you own the fastest car or whether you spend your Fridays at a bar, in a plane, at the gym, on a basketball court, or at home with the kids — you are not alone in this life journey.

Your life experience has the power to lift someone out of isolation, and the lessons you've learned can help other people learn too.

There is no limit to the experiences we share — we all have challenges in our lives and obstacles we have had to overcome to get where we are today. We want to use those experiences to build others up.

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