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I feel SoS is very inclusive no matter what background you are and most of the people I’ve met through this movement are like minded. Purchasing merch was also very pleasant and SoS gives a personal touch to it too.



Seriously, the stuff they have done to promote mental awareness is amazing. A lot of us go through dark phases in our lives but have no outlet and rather keep it in. Chris has created a channel for us to share what we’re going through and turn that experience into a positive and uplifting one.

This movement has changed so many lives and I love being a part of it. Chris, you’ve helped me out like many others. Your positive vibes and energy is so contagious and I want to thank you for allowing us to use Suits or Shirts as medium to achieve a better mindset.

Keep doing what you’re doing. We have nothing but love for ya!



An amazing community bringing people together and offering support. Chris is a special human, very authentic and super genuine. He has been such an inspiration, mentor and coach to me. I could not highly recommend him enough. P.S. The best merch ever, got the T-Shirts and Hoodie...Love them!



Suits or shirts is a great networking forum, friendly and welcoming, with strong community reach. Highly recommended

From a mentor to and basketball coach, to a best friend, I’m super proud of you and where you are now, helping the community and anyone who needs help or just a simple chat on the phone. You are always there for me and for anyone else.

Please keep up the good work cause you are killing it.

God bless Chris ❤️🙏💋

~ Andrew 


Genuine people forming genuine relationship. Suits or shirts creates real connections with people which are much needed especially at a time like this!


Yoga at Home


Chris is one of the most realest and genuine people you will ever meet, always going above and beyond

in bringing people together and supporting the community.

His drive & genuine passion for making connections and giving people a voice is what I am most proud of. He never stops hustlin to try and make a difference in this sad and crazy world. Thankyou for being that inspiration to myself and my little family during some of our darkest times. We see you, we appreciate you and we applaud you for being the amazing human that u are 🙏❤ One love always brother, keep up the amazing work & keep hustlin!

P.s jump on board and grab some SOS merch peeps! Great quality and super comfy 👌

Two Women

its a really good opportunity for people to build themselves and others in a positive manner, and to know that there are people in the community who is there to help with a simple call or message away :)



Chris is an awesome guy. His networking strategies are very helpful. His love and care for others and the love for what he does is such an amazing quality! Thank you for all your help Chris, appreciate you and all the ways you helped me. Much love!


Suits or shirts has allowed to develop great connection within the western sydney area. Chris is a genuine individual who has created a fun environment for basketball enthusiasts at any level to come and have fun on his weekly friday night schedule. Not only is it a place we can play, but genuinely build personal connections with others on a social or professional level. I would highly recommend any of Chris' outings and gatherings for personal connection or professional development purposes.


Suits and shirts has been all about community and unity. The energy and positive vibes that you feel when attending their events surrounded by beautiful people. I had the pleasure of attending a session with commando Steve and let me tell you it was 🔥. Thank you Chris and team on your drive and commitment!


To anyone looking to start up a business, needs advice or coaching, Suitsorshirts will help you 100% guaranteed. Chris is a genuine, caring and loving guy. He cares about you a lot and will help you in way possible. He provides awesome advice and coaching from his experiences and supports you in anyway possible. If you're looking for a genuine guy who cares and will help you in any way possible, he is the man. He's definitely got your back. I 100% recommend him to anyone starting their business or looking for coaching.


Thank you for your amazing support and being there for us as a business. Not only have we gained a friend but also a great business mentor. We appreciate the unique platforms you’ve advertised our business on.

~ Kebab Express Blacktown


"The Breathwork / Mindfulness session was life changing, it was well needed!" 
- Maeya


"It's nice to hit pause and clear the mind"

- JP

"With everything that I've been going through lately, this was absolutely what I needed. A reset, another chance, another opportunity to prioritise "ME"!"

- T

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