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Kerry Neethling - "Being"

It is my absolute pleasure in presenting to you this amazing and inspiring woman - Kerry Neethling (Founder and Principal of Being Brands)

Kerry shares with us her thoughts about Entrepreneurs, her message for the Woman of today, her typical day and also her thoughts on the movement! - Thank you Kerry!!!

  1. What does a typical work day look like? Wake up early, go for a walk and listen to inspiring podcasts, take a moment to mentally set the mood for the day, check emails to see what is happening in our London office – sometimes phone London to clarify things. Then breakfast with the family and straight to the office to do pre-check-in prep and prepare for the day before everyone gets in

  2. What started your passion into starting a business? A desire to create a workspace where people could thrive. To do great work for great brands and enable them to be seen and heard in a way which allows them to grow and make a difference. To build a machine (with capabilities such as strategy, website, design, videography, photography etc.) which can create and grow businesses.

  3. Runnings a business, whilst ensuring quality family time and ME time, what things do you do to balance it all out? Always try to have dinner together as a family Try and exercise often Make time for quiet and reflection Create quiet time to think and dream about where I want the business to go (listen to motivating podcasts while resting and while exercising.) I choose not to listen to too much mainstream news as it is mainly negative. I want to fill my mind with positive thoughts and growth ideas. There are many amazing podcasts for just this. I spend 2-3 hours every Sunday getting a head start on my week – this allows me to plan and be focused and not to feel overwhelmed when I start my week I also go easy on myself, I am doing a lot for a lot of people, I’m kind to myself and am very grateful that my mind and body are strong I surround myself with positive people

  4. As an Entrepreneur and with multiple roles and businesses, how important does a positive mindset play? It is everything! If I am having a bad day, my whole team is affected. I have been very brave with every decision I have made for BEING. If I allow myself to doubt and question things as some people do, I will be stifled by fear and my growth will be paralysed. I choose to be happy every day, I start each day sauing “Today is going to be a great day”.

  5. What would be your message for the women of today? Those who just finished their HSC, UNI, or who just started their own business? Make sure you work out what you are passionate about. Try and find a career that you would follow even if you weren’t paid a cent to do it. I am truly energised by helping business owners come up with creative solutions to move their business forward. I do it whether I’m chatting to friends or being paid to do it – if gives me such joy knowing I can help people. Be brave and find something that makes your heart sing. If your job makes you joyful, you will lead a happy life

  6. What are your thoughts of the suitsorshirts movement? I love seeing people/organisations that are truly trying to make a difference and help others. I will always support them. I think it is wonderful that you connect people with individuals that might be just be the thing they need to take their life to the next level.


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