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Movember is just around the corner!!!!

Thank you to those people who asked about me over this past few weeks, I am feeling much better and each day is a NEW day for me...

A N X I E T Y.... mental's REAL and it comes unexpectedly, does not discriminate man or woman, race, age, country, social or professional status..

MOVEMBER is just around the corner...

As for me, I'm not growing a moustache or beard, BUT what I will commit to, is trying to call and reach out to someone who I haven't spoken to in a long time.....EVERYDAY for this month....

"Don't be a fad, be genuine, be real..." - suitsorshirts

I am challenging all of you to try this....visit the following links to get involved in your own special way, wherever you are in the world! — 📷feeling blessed.


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