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Nadia Stamp - MAFS Season 4

Photo Cred: @thephotostudioaustralia

Hey All!!

Hear from Nadia Stamp - Married at First Sight Season 4, Media Presenter and Marketing Manager, who shares with us her thoughts around:

> Women today, who procrastinate in their goals. Tips to best achieve your 2019 goals and her top tips for best workout wear for women?

Here is Nadia ♡

In order to grow and evolve as a person both emotionally and physically I have learned many things over the years. Here’s my hottest tip to achieving your goals for 2019.One thing is for sure, you might never feel ready to take that big step or achieve your biggest goal. It’s taken me many years to understand the meaning of a calculated risk. Mostly I’ve always felt underprepared, scared and many times I have even felt like giving up before I’ve taken the plunge. I am a culprit for giving away some amazing opportunities because I couldn’t stand the heat of failure.

The thing is, you need to find in your heart what it is you want. You need to believe you are worth it and you need to fight for it. Whether it may be choosing to have a loving and meaningful relationship, achieving your best at any particular sport, having a child and committing to being the best possible parent, achieving your best body ever, becoming the best performer you can be. So turn down the noise in your head that tells you you can’t. Create some space in your schedule to work on this goal. Whatever it is that makes your heart ignite and makes you excited you need to choose it, not for anyone else but ‘you’.

Of course you’ve heard the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and “you have to learn how to walk before you can run” as clichéd as it sounds, it does make so much sense so remember this when chipping away at your goals. So if you can spend some time, bit by bit on developing your goals, I recommend you celebrate it in your mind. Give yourself a pat on the back each and every time you create a positive ritual that assists you towards your goals and dreams. Create some space in your head to build your skills and ideas and set your environment up so it is easy to action your goals. So stop procrastinating and go get em!! 2019 is your year!

As I get older I make it part of my life and routine to be active. Gym, running, yoga, cycling. Some days I just wear active wear so that I’m “Gym Ready” then there’s no excuse to be lazy. My favourite activewear at the moment is my Seamless Ryderwear (Australian Brand from my hometown Adelaide). I love it so much I have it in every colour. It’s Comfortable, squat proof and still cool enough to wear casually.

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IG: nadiastampPhoto Cred: @thephotostudioaustralia

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