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Quantify happiness

This is such an important topic - M O N E Y

Whilst this has been argued countless times throughout our lifetime, (in my opinion) I truly feel that money is important and it can provide you more comfort and a more sustainable future....

Pause for a second....before we start passion comments or judgement towards others, each other or me (I hope not), I believe that this is based on culture influence and the environment in which that person had been brought up in.

For example, if someone who has been poor all their life, had the chance to be noticed for their talent, skillset or just provided an amazing service to someone and they were paid for it, that person's life would immediately change. Perhaps for themselves, but also their family, their kids, their surroundings. You cannot tell me that it's a not wise decision in life to be comfortable with growing your financial well being?  Imagine not having enough money to buy food, pay your bills, support the needy, purchase a humble house or car etc,  you think the quality of life is still good?

From my personal experience, I have been in the worst situations financially, stuck not being able to afford certain basics in everyday life (due to previous bad decisions in life), it's a scary world out there. Unless and until you grow and understand where you are in life (with regards to your financial state), you will experience a very tough road ahead. Speak to your friends, family, colleagues, etc and see how they're keeping with their hustle and getting through this thing called L I F E.  If it's not making you happy, change t....if it's not making you money, do something about it!

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